Car Butler™ HD for iPad

Get the must-have, all-in-one, Car Butler™ HD app for iPad, available FREE on iTunes App Store.

iPad App

Car Butler™ is the must-have, all-in-one app offering the following powerful, yet easy-to-use features:

– TRAFFIC : Check local traffic congestion condition, and avoid the pitfalls of daily commutes.

– COMMUTE (Commute App): Calculate commute time to destination.

– PARKING MARKER : Mark your parking spot, and have Car Butler alert you when your meter or timed parking is about to expire.

– CAR SERVICES : Locate nearby gas stations, reputable mechanics, highly-rated body shops, as well as local car wash locations, and parking lots.  Recommend car-related businesses to others by easily sharing information about your favorite local car-related businesses.

– WEATHER (Weather App): Get current local weather conditions.

– CAR ACCIDENT REPORT : Easily document and exchange information in case of an auto accident with step-by-step car accident report.  Sharing is easy, and is only shared when you decide to share it.

If you have an iPad and commute, then Car Butler™ is a must have, an all-in-one mobile app for the iPad uniquely designed for drivers and their cars, is available FREE on iTunes App Store.